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You spent five hours browsing the World Wide Web for content that would entertain you today and you didn't even crack a smile. Your friend was laughing hysterically five minutes after logging into their Chrome Web Browser. What gives? It may not be pure luck, according to Mark Vigeant, the founder of The Mark Vigeant Web Ring, a collection of parody web sites he made about himself. "There are ways to have fun on the Internet, but you have to know the tricks," he said. here, he shares his top ones.

Go To Mark Vigeant's Web Sites

If you're a citizen of the modern world surfing the Internet while at work, Mark's websites (like markvigeant.xxx) will give you the most laughs because there are no websites quite like it. "It's a parody of a porn website that most of us go to but don't talk about," he said.

If you can't go to a website associated with pornography while at work, you can still go to one of a plethora of other parody websites. For Geocities-heads, there's Markvigeant.net. For Startup Folks there's Markvigeant.co. Mark has a website for everybody. Period.

Check out Mark's Twitter Feed

For the past eight years, Mark has been tweeting. Go to his twitter profile and scroll down. Any further than 2013 will give you no benefit, but everything after that is at least pretty good. Especially lately.

The Golden YouTube Channel: Mark's YouTube Channel

Mark irregularly releases online video content and the easiest way to find it is to go to his YouTube page. Caveat- these days a lot of people are putting stuff on Facebook, so just to be safe go to Mark's official Facebook page as well. People don't care if you're on facebook at work, it's 2016.

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Comedians do everything they can to self-promote, but the web is so lush with content these days that it can be hard to push through the weeds. Help Mark help you, and sign up for his newsletter.