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Five times in a row this week Mark Vigeant, Famous Comedian from New York, has posted to twitter and received very little engagement. I looked in-depth into his Twitter data from the past few years. It tells the tale of how many of Mr. Vigeant's hilarious jokes and comments go completely unnoticed.

When people think of jokes on Twitter, they might think of celebrities popular on the service like Kanye West or Donald Trump. Or they might think of accounts made famous by the service, like ShitMyDadSays. But what often goes overlooked is how hilarious Mark Vigeant is.

On August fifth, Mr. Vigeant tweeted "dog dies on my property, im eatin that," garnering a modest ten total engagements- only one of which was a profile click. On July 17, "my cats name is 'fresh set of towels'" garnered only 4 engagements. Even his more active tweets, such as "i like my women like i like my olive oil: translucent, fluid, great with bread," from July 19 only have a single retweet.

"Twitter is weird lol," said Mr. Vigeant out loud in an interview over the phone. "me talk weird on it want followers but also not try supppper hard."

Thankfully, there is a solution. You can log into Twitter and go to Mark's Profile right now and start favoriting and retweeting.