• Saturday June 3, 2023
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For the past painful year, comedians from all across the World have been bombarding Americans with dumb jokes and competing topical content. Disposable one-liners and easy references to nostalgia culture have become the norm for comedy writers as audiences are starting to lose interest in the powerful medium of comedy that has had such a boom these past couple of years. Savvy audiences, however, have the chance to enjoy and elevate the comedy of one of the most broadly and deeply funny human beings in modern history.

Mark Vigeant has been a sketch writer and performer at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre since 2013. He co-founded the group OSFUG as well as The Trumpet Boys — not to mention his experience on the Maude night stage and as a castmember in such classic sketch shows as "License to Chill," "Dorothy Goes to Hollywood," and "Ocean's Lake."

Outside the theatre, he has published a book of Dad Poetry with his friend Sam, created a half-hour online Christmas Special with the Trumpet Boys, hosted a stand-up show in the Lower East Side with his friend Yoni, and released a ring of intricately designed Parody Web Sites. On top of that he's released numerous sketches with numerous sketch groups, and appeared in commercials and television promos.

The alternatives simply pale in comparrison. While most television and film stars offer significantly longer and more deep careers in the entertainment industry, Mr. Vigeant's new exciting energy is too bold to ignore.

Mark Vigeant is the right choice for a comedy audience to swarm around and celebrate if they want a comedy landscape that is radically positive and silly in ways that no other comedian can offer — a vision in which middle-class Americans have a real shot at laughter.