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OSFUG: The Fast Fuckin' Sketch Group by YONI LOTAN

NEW YORK — OSFUG would rather be known for doing high energy, lightning-fast sketch comedy than for the fact that the group rarely uses props and costumes — or that sometimes the castmembers shout the name of their next scene between blackouts in order to keep the transitions fast.

"This speaks to what's expected at a comedy theatre," Mark Vigeant, one of the founders of the group said recently in New York, where he makes his home. "People have an expectation that you'll have set pieces and know exactly the flow of the show — our energy surprises people."

Despite the fact that the comedy community in New York has dubbed them "A Wild Group of Silly Willies" — or, perhaps, because of it — OSFUG has been steadily filling houses at their monthly Monday night at 8pm slot in Chelsea.

Part of the groups charm and charisma, say frequent audience members and occasional collaborators, is that they are so alive onstage. They jump seamlessly from intense, passionate characters in one scene, to screaming baffoons in the next.

"There is a certain amount of rebellion, but it comes from a very sincere and deep place of trying to expand the form of sketch comedy that has been a staple at the theatre for years," said Mr. Vigeant. "I think it's important for any artistic community."

"They are a force of nature," said Dingle Jungerson, famous artist from San Francisco, where OSFUG performed in January as part of the San Francisco Sketch Fest. "They exude energy — you feel it, you see it, you hear it. Then you laugh for a long time and also I am famous."

OSFUG seems to enjoy pushing boundaries. "This is the great power that comedy has," Mr. Vigeant said. "It opens people up to listen to any point of view. Comedy sneaks up on you- it has a direct connection to your emotions."